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A Proposal


"A Photographic Retrospective -

The City of Dayton


The University of Dayton"

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Two Distinct Communities

with a

160 Year Connection beyond Proximity

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Browse through the Photographic History

- Decade by Decade - from 1850

when The City of Dayton was just 50 years old,

and, The University of Dayton

had just opened its doors !



The City of Dayton - to you . . . as a Current or Former Resident, and to you . . . as a City Official.

The University of Dayton - to you. . . as a Staff Member, or as Faculty, as an Alumni, or Student.

If you just finished browsing through the 9 'Feature Sections' of Dayton's "HomeTown Tribute", then Thanks again, for taking these few minutes, and I hope you found this Web-Site to be rather unique.

Imagine hundreds or even thousands ( there are over 36,000 Cities and Towns in America ) of Towns throughout America in all 50 States each with their own "HomeTown Tribute" and each one featuring and paying a Photographic Tribute to the History and Heritage of their own Town, and of their People.

Each separate 'Feature Section' making up each Town's "HomeTown Tribute" on the Web-Site will be udated annually with new Photos and Information.

And, all of these "HomeTown Tributes" for all of these HomeTowns

And, again, as was mentioned at the top of the Introductory Page for Dayton's "HomeTown Tribute", this Web-Site is reaching out to both the City of Dayton Community, and to the University of Dayton Community.

The City of Dayton, and The University of Dayton - both very different Communities . . . each with its own History and Heritage, and yet, uniquely connected together by much more than geography and proximity. . . a vibrant, and to be sure, a vital bond between a City, and a University that has spanned over 170 years.

The City of Dayton was incorporated as a city in 1805, with the University of Dayton opening its doors just 45 years later in 1850 as the, then, Saint Mary's College. During that preceding decade of the 1840's, Photography as a very new invention began replacing the artist's renderings ( drawings ) that had been, until that time, the only method of visually documenting American Life.

But, as we all know, and as can easily be said, Photography has been a 'game-changer'.

From then until today, both Communities - the City and the University - have documented


The Photos down the left side of this page are but a very few of the many, many photos that Feature and Preserve the very rich Photographic History and Heritage of the City extending back 170 years to the very earliest days of Dayton.

And, the Photos on the right side are, also, but a few of those Photos that Feature and Preserve that same rich Photographic History and Heritage of The University of Dayton that extends back to the University's very beginning in 1850.

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A Proposal

This Web-Site, HomeTownMemories.ORG is proposing a One-of-its-Kind, Photographic Retrospective showcasing the Connection between The City of Dayton, and The University of Dayton.

Partnership between The City of Dayton, The University of Dayton and this Web-Site



This Page is still being developed with greater details concerning this Proposal between this Web-Site, The City of Dayton, and The University of Dayton.


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