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To the University of Dayton 'Community'

Welcome again, to this Web-Site. Before Clicking to Dayton's "HomeTown Tribute". Just a few additional words about why The City of Dayton was selected to have the honor as America's FIRST HomeTown to have America's FIRST "HomeTown Tribute".

For those of you visiting the Site as a Member of the University of Dayton 'Community' - as a Faculty or Staff Member, as a Current Student, or as a UD Alumni - my 'Hometown' connection to the City of Dayton 'Community' as well as, my connection with the University of Dayton 'Community' goes back to my birth at Good Samaritan Hospital in 1942.

Throughout the 1940's and '50's our family lived in North Dayton, while I attended Our Lady of Mercy Grade School. And then, with my graduation from Chaminade High School in 1960, I became a 'towny' as an undergraduate at the University of Dayton still living with my parents on the North side. And in December of 1966, at 23, I Graduated from UD, and became a proud Member of UD's Alumni.

It was during those days at Chaminade, and then at UD that I became interested in Photography. I was always the one with the camera at whatever the event with both Family or Friend, alike. Those were the Photos of the Places and the People that were a part of my life during those days.

And those Photos that I took were mostly of Dayton, Ohio . . . my 'HomeTown'.

Two months later ( Feb., '67 ), I wasn't a Resident of Dayton any more. I had moved to Baltimore, Maryland for 6 weeks of Training as a VISTA Volunteer, and then assigned to the Adams-Morgan Community Council in Washington, DC. for a 1- year Volunteer Service commitment.

It was during that year in DC and away from Dayton for the first time that I really began to appreciate what a Person's 'HomeTown' can mean to that Person. What that word, 'HomeTown'. . . and, what the City of Dayton being my 'HomeTown' had meant to me.

I moved back to Dayton after VISTA , and then in 1989, I moved from Dayton to Cranford, New Jersey. And, while living there, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and others introduced 'the computer' to the world, and with an Internet of web-sites that are accessable to anyone with one of those individual 'computers'.

And with that, it seemed there was a way that I could design a Web-Site that would Feature America's HomeTowns through the many Photographs collected by the Town, and by the Town's People through the Decades of that Town, and of its People. Everyone would be able to go to the Web-Site, easily Click on the Name of a Town, and then easily browse through 10 separate 'Feature Sections' that make up each Town's "HomeTown Tribute".

After then, after being away for 21 years, in September, 2010, I came back to Dayton for my 50th High School (Chaminade / Julienne / St. Joseph) Reunion. While here for the Reunion, I decided to take a half a day and drive around and give a good look at Dayton, again, after so many years away. I didn't know what to expect, but I really did like what I saw. The Downtown was very much as I remembered it. It was new looking, clean and well kept, and very inviting. And, I think the most profound impression I got from driving around Dayton that day was that I really did feel 'home'!

And so, 4 months later, by January, 2011, I had moved myself back to my HomeTown of Dayton, Ohio.

Throughout those years away, the City of Dayton always remained my Hometown. And, the Home of my Alma Mater, the University of Dayton.

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And now, in 2016, having been back 'home' for these past 5 years, I've again, had the opportunity to re-establish my on-going connection with the City of Dayton, and with the University of Dayton 'Communities'.

In addition to being a proud UD Alumni since 1966, I have, also, had the opportunity to add a new Chapter to my connection with the University 'Community'. For these past 5 years, I have been a part-time Staff Member in the University's Catering Department located in Kennedy Union.

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With the completion of Dayton's own "HomeTown Tribute" I am looking forward to speaking with Mayor Jan Whaley and her staff to hopefully plan Dayton's official 'Logging-On Ceremony' to occur during one of their February, 2016 City Commission Meetings.

As explained on the Introductory Page , there are ten (10) distinctive 'Feature Sections' that comprise Dayton's, and will comprise every Town's "HomeTown Tribute" . One of the 10 'Feature Sections' is a Town's 'Logging-On Ceremony' . It memorializes the Date with a photo Press Event when the Mayor officially logs their Town's "HomeTown Tribute" onto the Web-Site. The Page features a group photo of current Town Officials, and an individual photo of the current Mayor. The photo of the current Mayor who has said 'Yes' for their Town to have its own "HomeTown Tribute" will permanently remain on their Town's "Logging-On Ceremony" Page.

With the City of Dayton's 'Logging-On Ceremony', planned to occur in February, Mayor Nan Whaley will be permanently recogonizd on the 'Logging-On Ceremony', Page as the Dayton Mayor in 2016 when Dayton became America's FIRST Town to have their own "HomeTown Tribute".

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Please note how easy it is getting from one Page to another Page ( Clicking ) and getting around the Web-Site, in general. The "Our HomeTown . . . Today" Introductory Page is the Page you will be clicking to from the box, just below. Each of the other 9 'Feature Sections' has a red-boardered box at both the top of the Page and at the bottom. The links listed in each box will take you to the other 'Feature Sections' , and to anywhere, else, in the Site.

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Please take the few minutes necessary for you to be able to Brouse through each one of the 'Feature Sections' . I think you'll find that the Web-Site provides America's Town's a Unique and Easy way to Feature and Showcase their Town and their People from throughout the Decades.

Thank You, again. for taking these additional few minutes to read a little more about this unique Web-Site.

And, please let me hear from You about it.

Stephen Van Hecke

And now, Browse, and Enjoy !