Paying Tribute to America's HomeTowns


America's 50 Great States

A Open Letter to :

The Town Residents

in each of America's HomeTowns


How You can participate so that Your Town

can have its own "HomeTown Tribute"




Stephen Van Hecke

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Our 50

State Capital


. . . Today

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Jackson, MS
Columbia, SC
Salt Lake City, UT
Atlanta, GA
Harrisburg, PA
Annapolis, MD
Montgomery, AL
Richmond, VA
Columbus, OH
Boise, ID
Pierre, SD
Olympia, WA
Carson City, NV
Augusta, ME
Helena, MT
Lansing, MI
Frankfort, KY
Sacramento, CA
Topeka, KS
District of Columbia
Phoenix, AZ
St. Paul , MN
Honolulu, HW
Baton Rouge , LA
Albany, NY
Trenton, NJ
Hartford, CT
Des Moines , IA
Boston, MA
Jefferson City, MO
Frankfort, KY
Harrisburg, PA
Springfield, IL




Dear Town Resident;


Please let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Van Hecke, and I'm the Author of this Web-Site. I am writing this Open Letter to You as a Resident in one of America's HomeTowns to introduce You to this Web-Site. I want to, also, Thank You, for taking these few minutes of your day to read this Letter, as well as, the 'Home Page', and the '50 States - Welcoming Page'. Some of this Letter has been repeated from the 'Welcoming Page'.

I have addressed similar Open Letters introducing myself and the Web-Site to your State's Governor, to your State's various Departments and Agencies, as well as, Open Letters to your State Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Association, and to your Mayor, the Mayors of your State and those in each of America's 50 States.

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Just as it is with the uniqueness of your State, your Town, and every Town in your State has its own unique History and Heritage. And, by creating "HomeTown Tributes", this One-of-its-Kind Web-Site will Pay Tribute to that History and Heritage for your Town, and for your Town People . . . of Today, from throughout the Decades, and for Tomorrow.

This Web-Site with its individualized "HomeTown Tribute" is FOR everyone who lives in your Town. You, as a current or former Resident, your Mayor, local Chamber of Commerce, and even Businesses in your Town can actually participate in the creation of a "HomeTown Tribute" for your own Town. Each "HomeTown Tribute", also, permanently preserves FROM all natural disasters - whether it be fire, flood, tornado, or hurricane . . . and FOR all future generations - the priceless Photographic Heritage of your Town.

For 150 years, the photographic memories of America's Families have been pressed onto the pages of their Family Albums. And, for each of America's Towns, like your Town, our Photographic Heritage has typically hung on the walls and in the display cases of our Town Hall, at our Fire Station, and Police Headquarters, in our Town Library, and in the file drawers of our local Historical Society. Each of those Photographs is, indeed, a cherished Memory for that Town and for their People.

And yet today, 150 years later, whether it be from fire, flood, tornado, or hurricane, the Photographic Heritage for Towns in each of America's 50 States is still vulnerable !

Until NOW . . .

with this Web-Site, and its "HomeTown Tributes" for the Towns in your State !


For Every Town in America

As it mentions on the 'Home Page', it was because of a Hurricane Katrina that motivated me to move to Mississippi to launch my Web-Site. I knew that I could do so by introducing it with a Project that would help rebuild the photographic memories of the many Gulf Coast HomeTowns in Mississippi and Louisiana that had lost so much of their Photographic Heritage from Katrina in 2005.

Even though I will be launching my Web-Site in Mississippi in the Spring of 2010 with the "Mississippi is FIRST in America" Project . . .

Every Town in America can have their own "HomeTown Tribute"

If your Mayor says, 'YES' to have a "HomeTown Tribute", then your Town can, indeed, have your own "HomeTown Tribute" - right now !

And, if your Town is One of the First 50 in your State to say 'YES', your Town will receive the very Special Introductory OFFER for your own "HomeTown Tribute" !

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NOTE : For details please Click below on "Special Introductory OFFER"


Why a "HomeTown Tribute" is so Special for your Town

A "HomeTown Tribute" is not only ABOUT your HomeTown and its Residents of Today and from throughout the Decades, but equally important, it is, also, FOR its Residents, and FOR its Town Mayor. And you, as one of the Town Residents whether You are a Current, or even a Former Resident will be able to actually participate in the creation of the "HomeTown Tribute" for your Town.

Each "HomeTown Tribute" for those Towns whose Mayor has said 'YES' is made up of 12 Individual 'Tribute Feature Sections'.

"Honoring Our HomeTown"

The first Four (4) of these 12 Feature Sections are each designed for the Town Mayor, and the Town Officials to be able to permanently Showcase and Pay Tribute to the Town itself that they Serve. These 4 Sections are:

- "Our HomeTown . . . Today"
"Our HomeTown's Logging-On Ceremony"
- "Those Who Serve, and Those Who Protect"
"Our HomeTown 'Fallen Heroes"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE : The Introductory "Our HomeTown . . . Today" 'Feature Section' has already been completed for the Capital Cities in each of America's 50 States. To see it for your State - please Click below on "Visit your State's 'HomeTown Tributes',

NOTE : Also, to see what the 4 'Feature Sections' ( of the total 12 ) will be like for the Towns in your State - please Click below on "What your "HomeTown Tribute" will look like".      

"Our HomeTown – by and about our People"

An additional six (6) 'Feature Sections' are designed so that Current and Former Residents, and even Former Mayors have the opportunity to actually participate in the on-going expansion of your Town's "HomeTown Tribute".

Once your Town's "HomeTown Tribute" is on this Web-Site, anytime in the future, You will be able to add your own Memories ( even Former Mayors can add their own Memories from when they were Mayor ), and your own Photos of your own special Town(s), that you live in now, or, that you once lived in - but that we all certainly call . . . 'Home'.

The Photos and the Memories of this Town that You can ADD to these 6 'Feature Sections' will surely increase the worth and the enjoyment of this "HomeTown Tribute" for All those who visit it for years to come.

These 6 Sections are entitled :

- Photo Album of Our HomeTown
          - Participate by Adding lots of your own Photos of the various Town's you've lived in throughout the years.

- Photo Album of Our HomeTown Families

         - Participate by Adding your own Family Group Photo.

- Great Old-Time Stories about Our HomeTown
        - The memories and stories we have of our HomeTown from all of Us who happen to be over 50.

- Your High School Senior Year Memories
       - Our special Memories we have of Our Senior Year in High School.

- Your Favorite Teacher in School
       - Many of us remember that wonderful Teacher who made a real difference in our Life. Honor that Teacher by adding their Name.

- The HomeTown Memories by our Former Mayors

       - For Mississippi's and America's Mayors . . . add your unique Memories of your Town while You were Mayor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE: For greater detail about all 12 'Feature Sections' - please Click below on - "HomeTown Tributes are so Special"

The 2 remaining ‘Feature Sections’ ( of the 12 ) are :

- The Mayor's annual "Thanks for the Memories" Ceremony honoring our High School's Academic Clubs for their "HomeTown Tribute" participation.      

- Our Town's "HomeTown Tribute" Sponsors


You can Participate and Create the "HomeTown Tribute"

for your own Town

If You would lke your Town to have its own "HomeTown Tribute", there are several very easy thing that You can do. The most affective and immediate way is for You to reach out by phone or E-mail to your Town's Mayor, to one of the Town Committee Members and/or other Town Officials and give them this Web address. Others in your Town who would, also, like to know about this unique web-site are your local Newspaper, and Historical Society, as well as, your Town's ( or County ) Chamber of Commerce. Ask each of them to take a few minutes to visit the Web-Site, and mention to them that You would like your Town to have it's own "HomeTown Tribute".

Also, ask each of these local officials to reach out to your Governor, other State Officials, as well as, your State's Chamber of Commerce, and your State's Municipal Association. These State level Officials and Associations may, also, like to know about such a unique way of Paying Tribute to and Preserving the History and Photographic Heritage of your Town's and State's HomeTown Life.

Also, tell your neighbors, family and friends ( in your Town and in other Towns and States ) about the Site, asking them to browse through its pages, and see what they think of this Web-Site for their own Town.

Another new and really easy way to spread the word about such a unique Web-Site for the People of Towns throughout Mississippi is to add this Web Address to each Social Networking Account ( Facebook, MySpace, etc. ) that you may have. Ask each of your Friends (members) on your account to pass it on to the members on their Social Networking Accounts.


Your Ideas to Improve this Web-Site

Another way that You can participate is to let me hear from You with your Ideas and Comments that would improve the Web-Site. In addition to the current 6 'Feature Sections' that are identified above, if You have an idea for a seventh 'Feature Section' - a new category of Memories and / or Photos that would allow Residents, like yourself, to upload and add to the Heritage of your Town's HomeTown Life. If You have any Ideas or Comments on how to improve the Web-Site, please let me know. If you would like to give a Testimonial on why You like the Web-Site - that would be very helpful, too. It's real easy - from the top of any page ( rectangular button on the far right ), or from the Main Menu Page, You can go to "Let me hear from You".


Thank You . . .

for taking these few minutes to learn about this One-of-a-Kind Web-Site.

I think you'll see why this unique, One-of-a-Kind Web-Site will, indeed, Pay Tribute to, and permanently Preserve the History and Photographic Heritage of your Town, and indeed, of your HomeTown Life . . . of Today, from throughout the Decades, and, for Tomorrow !

Stephen Van Hecke

E-mail - SVanHecke@HomeTownMemories.ORG


Our 50 State Capital HomeTowns

Indianapolis, IN
Salem, OR
Dover, DE
Nashville, TN
Denver, CO
Concord, NH
Cheyenne, WY
Montpelier, VT
Springfield, IL
Little Rock, AR
Tallahassee, FL
Juneau, AK
Lincoln, NE
Providence, RI
Austin, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Madison, WI
Charleston, WV
Sant Fe, NM
Bismarck, ND
Raleigh, NC