Paying Tribute to America's HomeTowns


Cranford, New Jersey


Our HomeTown Fallen

Military Heroes


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"The Life of the Dead . . .
     is placed in the Memory of the Living" (Cicero)

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Welcome to :

Honoring Our Fallen HomeTown Heroes . . .

Those who have Died in the Line of Duty

. . . from throughout the Decades


Remembering those Men and Women in Our HomeTown who made  the ultimare sacrifice, and who gave their Life for Us, for Our HomeTowns, and, for America.

The Names of those Fallen Heroes in the Military are provided by representatives for the local Veterans Organization in each of America's HomeTowns.  



Our  Fallen Military Heroes



Iraq / Afghanistan Wars


Searching if any Fallen

Heroes from this War



Persian Gulf War


Searching if any Fallen

Heroes from this War





Vietnam War


Marcus P Anderson
Raymond Ashnault
William T. Donnelly, Jr
Dean J. Elichko
Karl D. Hezel
Anthony K. Johnson


Edward J. Gallagher, Jr
Donald Herbster
Joseph P. Minock
Rev. Charles J. Watters
Joseph V. Whelan
Gilbert A. Secor


Korean Conflict


David L. Hamilton


Charles A. Harker, Jr



World War II


Charles G. Albury, Jr
Ira W. Billinger
John S. Bromage
Archibald B. Cameron
Patrick P. Castaldo
Thomas Cullen
Louis C. Demmerle
Warren Dixon
F. Kenneth Duffey
Arthur J. Galvin
Howard E. Goodman
Anthony J. Hascek
William E. Hinkle
Harold L. Johnson
Clifford Kraemer
James G. Lascelles
Steven A. Mager
Edward Mandoni
Michael McNerny
Bruce Nostrand
John A. Prescott
James D. Roberts
Paul Sjursen
Norman A. Sorger
Robert Swarts
Thomas Truxtan
Merwin F. Udell
Walter M. Van Wagner, Jr
Jackson Vliet


John R. Barich
Richard A. Borrell
Friend J. Burton
Crawford P. Carhart, Jr
Sydney V. Craig
Augustus D’Allessandris
Allen E. Dimmick
Clifford L. Drake
Emil F. Frank
Robert N. Gevers
Wesley A. Grabau
James F. Hewston
Keith Jeffries
Arthur S. King
Chester Lang
William Lee
Raymond R. Maguire
Eugene G. McGarry
Roger S. Norton, Jr
Alan Okell
Benjamin E. Priddy
Steve Rosich
Roderick W. Smith, Jr
Cecil Spittler
Donald B. Templeton
Robert R. Tuttle
Anthony C. Vail
Nicholas F. Vassalo



World War I


Juan Bargos
Buell Van Keuren Day
John George Greaves
James Andrew Harris
Frederick Edwin Heins
Robert McGregor
Frederick M. Quine


Sidney Jerome Craig
Newell Rodney Fiske
William Asa Hale  
George H. Haskins
Karl W. Henrich
Dominick Pelusio
Stanley H. Smith



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