Paying Tribute to America's HomeTowns


America's 50 Great States

An Open Letter to

America's Town Mayors

It is so easy for Your Town

to have its own "HomeTown Tribute"





Stephen Van Hecke

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Our 50

State Capital


. . . Today

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Jackson, MS
Columbia, SC
Salt Lake City, UT
Atlanta, GA
Annapolis, MD
Montgomery, AL
Columbus, OH
Boise, ID
Pierre, SD
Olympia, WA
Carson City, NV
Augusta, ME
Helena, MT
Lansing, MI
Frankfort, KY
Sacramento, CA
Topeka, KS
District of Columbia
Phoenix, AZ
St. Paul , MN
Honolulu, HW
Baton Rouge , LA
Albany, NY
Trenton, NJ
Hartford, CT
Des Moines , IA
Jefferson City, MO
Raleigh, NC
Bismarck, ND
Sant Fe, NM
Harrisburg, PA




Your Town can be One of the FIRST 50 Towns in your State

to have your own "HomeTown Tribute",

and, at a very Special Introductory OFFER


Dear Town Mayor,


Please let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Van Hecke, and I'm the Author of this Web-Site. I am writing this Open Letter to You to introduce You to this Web-Site. Thank You, Mayor, for taking these few minutes of your day to read this Letter, as well as, the 'Home Page', and the '50 States - Welcoming Page'.

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Just as it is with the uniqueness of your State, your Town has its own unique History and Heritage. And, by creating a "HomeTown Tribute" for your own Town, this One-of-its-Kind Web-Site will Pay Tribute to the History and Heritage of your Town, and for the People of your Town . . . of Today, from throughout the Decades, and for Tomorrow.

This Web-Site with its individual "HomeTown Tributes" is FOR everyone who lives in your Town. It is for You, as Mayor, as well as, every current and former Resident, local Chamber of Commerce, Business Owners, and even Former Mayors can actually participate in the creation of a "HomeTown Tribute" for your own Town. Each "HomeTown Tribute", also, permanently preserves FROM all natural disasters - whether it be fire, flood, tornado, or hurricane . . . and FOR all future generations - the priceless Photographic Heritage of your Town.


For Every Town in America

Every Town in America can have their own "HomeTown Tribute"

As Mayor, if You would like your Town to be One of the First 50 in your State to have your own "HomeTown Tribute", then your Town will be guaranteed the very Special 2-Year Introductory OFFER.

This Special 2-Year Introductory OFFER is being offered for those First Towns whose Mayor says 'Yes' for a "HomeTown Tribute" for their Town - NOT at the regular $450 Offer ( $300 First Year Fee + $150 Second Year Renewal Fee ) but, NOW at ONLY $150 - a 66% Savings, with the Second Year at NO Additional Cost.

And, your Town can have it's own "HomeTown Tribute" without the need for the $150 Special Introductory OFFER having to come out of your Town's General Fund. Your Chamber, or even a local Business Owner can be the Sponsor for your Town's "HomeTown Tribute".

Click below, to learn how your Chamber of Commerce or a local Business can take advantage of the Special Introductory OFFER on behalf of your Town, and, also, be given its own Banner Ad on your "HomeTown Tribute" as its Sponsor.

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NOTE : For details please Click below on "Special Introductory OFFER"


Why a "HomeTown Tribute" is so Special for your Town

Each "HomeTown Tribute" for those Towns whose Mayor has said 'YES' is made up of 12 Individual 'Tribute Feature Sections'.

"Honoring Our HomeTown"

The first Four (4) of these 12 Feature Sections are each designed for the Town Mayor, and the Town Officials to be able to permanently Showcase and Pay Tribute to the Town itself that they Serve.

NOTE - As Mayor, the detail for these 4 has been axpanded from that on the "Welcoming Page" to give You a better appreciation for the importance of these to your Town's permanent Historical Record.

These 4 Sections are:

- "Our HomeTown . . . Today"
- This Page showcases your Town - as it is Today with the current Mayor's Photo with a 'Mayor's Welcoming Message' to all those visiting your "HomeTown Tribute", Names of the Town Committee, Fire and Police Chiefs, a History of your Town, photos of your Town today, links to your Town's official web-site with other important links, and much more.

"Our Town's Logging-On Ceremony"
- This Page memorializes the Date with a photo Press Event when the Mayor officially logs their Town's "HomeTown Tribute" onto the Web-Site. The Page features a group photo of current Town Officials, and an individual photo of the current Mayor. This photo of the Mayor who has said 'Yes' to have a "HomeTown Tribute" for their Town will permanently remain on their Town's "Logging-On Ceremony" Page.

- "Our Town's Former Mayors, Fire Chiefs and Police Chiefs"
- A Page Honoring by Name and Photo all of your Town's Former Mayors, Police Chiefs, and Fire Chiefs . . . of Today, and from throughout the Decades.

"Our Town's 'Fallen Heroes"
- A special Page that solumnly Honors by Name all of those Military, Fire, and Police Heroes from your Town Who have 'Died in the Line of Duty' . . . throughout the Decades.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE : The Introductory "Our HomeTown . . . Today" 'Feature Section' has already been completed for the Capital Cities in each of America's 50 States. To see it for your State - please Click below on "Visit your State's 'HomeTown Tributes'.

"Our HomeTown – by and about our People"

A variety of other ' Feature Sections' are designed so that Current and Former Residents, and even Former Mayors have the opportunity to actually participate by being able to Add their own Photos and their own Memories in the on-going creation of their Town's "HomeTown Tribute" .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE : Each of these 12 'Feature Sections' are highlighted in greater detail by Clicking on "HomeTown Tributes are so Special" from below.


Your "HomeTown Tribute" will compliment your Town's own Official Web-Site

One of the primary Goals for this Web-Site from the beginning has been to make sure that each "HomeTown Tribute" created for one of America's Towns would compliment and enhance the official web-site for each of those Towns that wished to participate. That meant that the "HomeTown Tribute" for each Town on this Web-Site must in NO way compete with, or replace the importance of each Town's own official Site. It must only 'add to' that of their own Web-Site.

I knew I wanted each Town's "HomeTown Tribute" to include the photo of the current Mayor ( which most official Town web-sites did have ), and then, add to that with photos of the current Fire and Police Chiefs ( which most did not have ). It would have a brief History of their Town, and, if available, would include images of their Town Flag and Seal.

There would be 15-20 Photos of what their Town actually looks like, today. I found that the official sites for lots of smaller Towns, and this is, I'm sure, due to the web expense that would be involved, did not have photos (past or present) of their Town. I wanted each "HomeTown Tribute" to, also, Pay Tribute ( with Photos and Names ) to their Town's Former Mayors, Fire Chiefs, and Police Chiefs - those Individuals Who have Served, and those Who have Protected their Town . . . and from throughout the Decades.

And, very importantly, there should a Page that solumnly Honors by Name all of those Military, Fire, and Police Heroes from your Town Who have 'Died in the Line of Duty' . . . throughout the Decades.

To show that your Town's "HomeTown Tribute" on this Web-Site does NOT, in fact, compete with, or attempts to replace your own official web-site, a direct Link to your Town's Official Web-Site is included along with other Links ( your County's and local Chamber's W-S ). And, these Links can be found on the main introductory "Our HomeTown . . . Today" 'Feature Section' of your "HomeTown Tribute".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE: A Sample of this commitment can be seen by Clicking below on "Visit Your State's "HomeTown Tribute".


Thank You, Mayor . . .

for taking these few minutes to read this Letter.

I think you'll see why this unique, One-of-a-Kind Web-Site will Pay Tribute to, and permanently Preserve the History and Photographic Heritage of your Town, of the People of your Town, and indeed, of your HomeTown Life . . . of Today, from throughout the Decades, and, for Tomorrow !

I ask that you share this unique Web-Site with other fellow Mayors that You know, and who You think might want their Town to be one of those FIRST 50 Towns in your State whose Mayor says 'Yes' for their Town to, also, have a "HomeTown Tributes".

You can say 'Yes'. . . Right NOW so that your Town can have your own "HomeTown Tribute". And, by saying 'Yes' now, You will insure that your Town will be recognized as one of those FIRST 50 Towns in your State, and will be guaranteed to take advantage of the Special Introductory OFFER.



NOTE - As Mayor, if You would like to ADD your Town, now, to be one of the First 50 Towns in your State, just. . .

Click - Here to Add your Town


Thank You for your Interest and your consideration.

Stephen Van Hecke

E-mail - SVanHecke@HomeTownMemories.ORG


For Your Review, Mayor :

NOTE : From the bottom of each of these Informational Pages, You can Click to another one of them without having to come back to this Letter.

Click for :

- Why "HomeTown Tributes" are so Special for America's Towns

- See what your Town's "HomeTown Tribute" can look like

- Visit your State's "HomeTown Tributes"

- Special Introductory OFFER for your "HomeTown Tribute"


Our 50 State Capital HomeTowns
Indianapolis, IN
Salem, OR
Dover, DE
Nashville, TN
Denver, CO
Concord, NH
Cheyenne, WY
Montpelier, VT
Springfield, IL
Little Rock, AR
Tallahassee, FL
Juneau, AK
Lincoln, NE
Providence, RI
Austin, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Madison, WI
Charleston, WV
Springfield, IL
Boston, MA
Richmond, VA