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Ripid City , SD
Vernal, UT
Altoona, PA
Orland Park , IL
Dayton, OH
Princeton, NJ
Fargo, ND
Anchorage, AK
Cambridge, MA
Rockport, ME
Duluth, MN
Holland, MI
Flagstaff, AZ
San Jose , CA
Eugene, OR
Boulder, CO
Jackson, WY
Louisville, KY
Hilo, HI
Hartford, CT
Lincoln, NE
Reno, NV






What makes this Web-Site so special is that it is ABOUT America’s HomeTowns, and their People. It's ABOUT each Town's History and ABOUT its Photographic Heritage - of its Past . . . its Present and its Future. And, equally important, it is, also, FOR everyone in a HomeTown. And, that means every Resident in every American Town can actually participate in the creation of a "HomeTown Tribute" for their own Town.

Each "HomeTown Tribute" has 12 Individual 'Tribute Feature Sections' for those Towns whose Mayor has said 'YES'. Whether you’re a current, or former Resident, the current Town Mayor, or even a former Mayor in any one of America's HomeTown, these 'Feature Sections' will allow all of Us, the opportunity to ADD our own Memories, and our own Photos for that special Town that each of Us calls ‘Home’.


The 12 'Tribute Feature Sections'


Honoring Our HomeTown

The first Four (4) of these 12 Feature Sections are each designed for the Town Mayor, and the Town Officials to be able to permanently Showcase and Pay Tribute to the Town itself that they Serve.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These 4 Sections are entitled :

- Our HomeTown . . . Today
- Showcasing our Mayor, and Town Committee, our Mayor's photo and welcoming message to all those who will be visiting our "HomeTown Tribute", our Town's History, photos of our Town today, links to our Town's official web-site and other important links, and so much more.

- Our HomeTown's "Logging-On Ceremony"
- This Page features a photo of the Mayor and memorializes the Year with a photo Press Event when the Mayor officially logs on to the Web-Site with our Town's "HomeTown Tribute". The photo of that year's Mayor who signs up our Town will permanently remain on the "Logging-On Ceremony" Page.

- Those Who Serve, and Those Who Protect
- A Page Honoring by Name and Photo all of your Town's Former Mayors, Police Chiefs, and Fire Chiefs . . . of Today, and from throughout the Decades.

- Our HomeTown 'Fallen Heroes'
- A special Page that solumnly Honors by Name all of those Military, Fire, and Police Heroes from your Town Who have 'Died in the Line of Duty' . . . throughout the Decades.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE : The Introductory "Our HomeTown . . . Today" 'Feature Section' has already been completed for all of America's 50 States. To see it for Mississippi - please Click below on "Visit your State's 'HomeTown Tributes',

NOTE : Also, to see what these 4 (of the total 12 'Feature Sections') will be like for your own Town - please Click below on "What your "HomeTown Tribute" will look like".

- Mayor's "Thanks for the Memories" Ceremony
The Mayor's annual 'Thanks for the Memories' Recognition Ceremony occurs during a Town Committee Meeting and acknowledges those Members of the local High School's Academic Clubs for their participation in the "Keeping Alive the Memories of Our HomeTown" Project.

- Our Town's "HomeTown Tribute" Sponsors
    - Whether You are an Individual or a Business Owner, You can be a Sponsor for your Town, and be recognized with your own 'Thank You' Banner.



Our HomeTown - By and About our People

An additional six (6) 'Feature Sections' are designed so that Current and Former Residents, and even Former Mayors have the opportunity to actually participate in the on-going creation of your Town's "HomeTown Tribute".

Once your Town's "HomeTown Tribute" is on this Web-Site, anytime in the future, You will be able to add your own Memories (even Former Mayors can add their own Memories from when they were Mayor ), and your own Photos of your own special Town(s), that you live in now, or, that you once lived in - but that we all certainly call . . . 'Home'.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These 6 Sections are entitled :

- Photo Album of Our HomeTown
- VIEW your HomeTown's Photo Album, and ADD your own HomeTown Photos . . . from throughout the Decades.     

- Photo Album of Our HomeTown People
- VIEW your HomeTown's People Photo Album,  and ADD your own Family Photos . . . from throughout the Decades.     

- Great Old-Time Stories about Our HomeTown
     - The Memories we All have of the People and Places of our HomeTown. So those Memories aren't lost forever.

- Your High School Senior Year Memories
  - We all have special Memories from Our Senior Year in High School. VIEW those Memories from your own High School, and ADD your own Senior Year Memories.

Your Favorite Teacher in School
   - Many of us remember that wonderful Teacher who made a real difference in our Life. Honor that Teacher by adding their Name.

- The HomeTown Memories by our Former Mayors
      - For America's Mayors . . . add your unique Memories of your Town while You were
the Mayor.


The Photos and Memories of Our HomeTown

that we all have and cherish !

- We all have memories of our High School Senior Year !

- We all may have photos of those great places where we hung out while growing up, that may, now, be gone!

- We all have family photos, maybe at a family reunion !

- If you're over 60, like me, you'll have some great old-time stories about your Town !

- You may have had a wonderful teacher who made a difference in your Life !

- And, if you're one of your Town's Former Mayors - tell us what your Town was like when You were Mayor?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As You can see, whether you are the Mayor of your Town, the local Chamber of Commerce, a local Business Owner, or a Current or Former Resident . . . Everyone in your Town can participate to Showcase, Pay Tribute to, and Preserve the History, and Photographic Heritage of your own HomeTown, and of . . .     

Your State's and America's HomeTown Life . . . Today, throughout the Decades, and for Tomorrow !


It is so Easy to become One of your State's FIRST 50 Towns

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Fort Worth, IN
Jackson, MS
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